Walk A Mile Media was formed to help small business and not-for-profits grab centre-stage with stand-out digital presence, at prices they can easily afford. This is our niche. We make fabulous videos, stunning websites and write really engaging copy. With many years experience working with business’ and not-for-profits, the team at Walk A Mile Media understand your real-world needs and real-world budget. Let us create your out-of-this-world online presence.


With over 30 years combined experience in video production, we know what is needed to help you get your message across. Whether it’s a promotional video for your product or business, we can help you make your product or business tell it’s own story. We love telling stories and will work with you to make sure your story is told in a way that engages not only your clients, but you as well.

We work with professionals from related industries to help make your video stand out from the crowd. So if you are thinking about that next video project, you know who to call.



With around 80% of people looking online before making a purchase, a website is a must for your business or organisation. Gone are the days of looking up businesses in the Yellow Pages. Everything is online and if you are not online, then you are pretty much non-existent.

Creating a website is not an easy job. That’s where we can help. With over 5 years experience building websites for our clients, we know what it takes to make your business shine on the web.



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Tracey Heers is a writer and marketing creative. Words are her medium. She gets people reading and she keeps them reading with relevant, engaging copy.

She tells the stories you need your audience to hear, without making them work for it, stories that make them fall in love with your brand. Every word and every page she writes is crafted with a single objective: your success.

She can string a sentence together … beautifully

She writes websites, blogs, newsletters, adverts, promotions, emails, welcome packs, induction manuals, anything and everything.

Get Found on Google

She is also an SEO strategist and specialises in writing search engine optimised content.  She writes fresh, informative copy and Google rewards this with better positions on the page. Your business needs to be found on Google. Tracey will make that happen.



Get Social with Walk A Mile Media!

Being active on social media is CRUCIAL for your business marketing. Here’s why –

  1. It’s where your customers are! Your prospects, thousands of them, are on social media chatting with family and friends regularly.
  2. Your target market will get to know and trust you. You want potential customers to know you are reliable, that you are listening to them and that they are important to you. You need to build the right impression on social media, to be purposeful with your posts. Social media builds your brand.
  3. It provides a platform to promote your goods and services. Good social media will create a community that enjoys hearing from you and will be interested in finding out about your products and services and any promotions or offers you are having.
  4. Big reach in a short space of time. People ignore a lot of traditional advertising these days. Social media allows you to reach a massive audience in minutes and on a regular basis
  5. Social media is the way of the future. It is not going anywhere EXCEPT through the roof in popularity!

The biggest objections most businesses have to social media are…

  1. I don’t have the time
  2. I don’t know what to say
  3. I don’t understand Facebook/Instagram/Twitter (btw our offer includes posting on all three)

Let us do it for you! Like any marketing, consistency is very important.



Add a different perspective to your videos or website with images from above. As an experienced pilot and videographer, Jared can provide that shot that until recently was out of reach for most business’ due to the costs involved. With over 3 years experience flying RPA’s (Remotely Piloted Aircraft).
Jared can get that shot and do it legally and safely.

Aerial Showreel


We love working for non-profit organisations. The passion these people have to help others and not expect anything in return gives us a passion to help them. One of the things we decided when we started WAMM was to make sure we helped not-for-profits as much as we could and, in fact, it’s our focus.

For many years Jared and Tracey have worked with Destiny Rescue, an organisation that rescues children that have been sold and caught in what can pretty much be described as a living hell. They have been sold into slavery as prostitutes. In 2013 Jared and his wife spent 12 months in Thailand working along side Tracey where we saw firsthand what these kids go through and firsthand the changes in their lives after being rescued. Since starting with Destiny Rescue, we have made it a mission to be a part of this fight, over this time Jared and Tracey have produced a number of promotional video for Destiny Rescue.

So that is why work with non-profits, to help give them a voice in this digital age; to help promote the work these people do. If you run or work for a non-profit which helps the less fortunate in this world and need a high quality video, please contact us. We will do my best to make it as affordable for you as we can.


Creativity is at the heart of Walk A Mile Media. With many years experience producing video content for not-for-profits, Tracey and Jared can help you take your project to the next level.



Founder & Visual Director

Jared has over 10 years experience in video production and website development, his attention to detail and flexibility make him perfect for your next video.

Jared has been happily married to his wife Alison for many wonderful years, enjoys spending time with his golden retriever Sabre and loves playing the drums, watching Sci-fi, taking landscape photos and is obsessed with F1.


Founder & Marketing Director

Tracey is a writer and marketing creative.  Words are her medium. Tracey can get people interested and keeps them interested with relevant, engaging content. Tracey can tell the story you need your clients to hear, without making them work for it.

Every word she writes is crafted with a single objective: to make your next production stand out.

Not often do I come by genuine, creative talent on the scale of Jared from Walk A Mile Media.

Jared began handling VisionKeepers™ website in 2016 and has managed it since. On the one hand he built the website and managed its functionality. On the other hand, Jared took the time necessary to really learn our voice and intent. From here he made creative suggestions to website language, photographs used, and layout which made the site professionally “Pop” – all without our having to ask.

Jared posses the seemingly rare traits of sound critical thinking and initiative. Most importantly, he delivers! Did I mention he’s a pleasure with whom to work.

Dan Bärham, VisionKeepers
“Jared, the clips are so good! Thank you.
I look forward to showing these at the conferences.”
Kevin Brown, Kingsley College
“A deluxe job at a budget price, easy to work with and Jared achieved the results we wanted. We loved his artistic flair in the finished product and Jared understood what we needed and gave us more than we expected.”
Ruth Polley, Hope Reins
The website is mesmerising and I can’t stop looking at it, it’s probably the key reason I’m late to reply to your email.
I really love it so much, you made great efforts!
Said Amraoui, Deep Morocco Tours
Walk A Mile Media’s social media marketing has had a huge impact for our company. Their ‘can do’ attitude and their ability to strategically target the right audience has surpassed our expectations. If you are looking for professionalism, knowledge, insight and that ‘game changing quality, look no further.
Tina Broadhurst, Shadforth Lythgo