We love working with non-profit organisations. The passion they have in helping others and not expect anything in return gives us a passion to help them. One of the reasons we decided to form Walk A Mile Media is to help non-profits, to make a difference in the world is really our passion.

In 2013, Jared lived in Thailand working for Destiny Rescue, an organisation that rescues children that have been sold and caught in what can pretty much be described as a living hell. They have been sold into slavery as prostitutes. Jared and his wife Alison spent 12 months working with this organisation where they saw first hand what these kids go through and first hand the change in their lives after being rescued. Since starting with Destiny Rescue 5 years ago, Jared has made it a mission to be apart of this fight, over the years he has produced a number of promotional videos for Destiny Rescue and he loves that something that he is passionate about can be apart of making a difference in these kids lives.

Once their time in Thailand came to an end, they went back to their lives in Australia only to realise that had to continue to the fight against injustice in any way they could, from this Walk A Mile Media was born.

So that is why we want to help non-profits, we want to help give them a voice in this digital age. To help promote the work these people do. If you run or work for a non-profit which helps the less fortunate in this world and need a high quality video, please contact us.